Youth Jujitsu Program


 This class teaches all the basic techniques a young person could need to keep themselves safe from school bullies, and to keep them focused in the classroom, and at home. It takes work to learn the basics. So they will be pushed to get better. It's more than kicking, punching,  joint locks, and throws. 

This program has an upgrade option. After getting a grasp on the basics, students have the option of upgrading to the Advanced Class. This includes more days of training, more advanced techniques, and a weapons class included. Ask at the dojo front desk about upgrades!

   In this class, we teach kids Japanese Jujitsu--basic self-defense techniques, which includes how to grapple, kick, strike, and use throws to control a much larger person.

   We want to teach our younger students to become a complete martial artist, and understand the responsibility of learning the martial arts. We expect them to learn 1-7-12, our dojo's philosophy.  Here at TnT Jujitsu, we care about the overall growth of the student. That includes school grades, conduct, and respect for others and themselves. If this sounds like what you want for your child, bring him or her to the dojo to get started!

For ages 8 - 12.

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