Instructors are very professional and patient with the kids. Great place to take your kids to learn about self defense, create self esteem, and learn how to be respectful to others. Thank you to all...

 - Jordan Fuentes

I was hesitant to take Ju-Jitsu at first, thinking it was just a bunch of grappling and fighting but i see now that it has nothing to do w/ fighting. And what grappling is there is really meant to teach you how to best be "one" and at peace (secure in your Hara, i.e. center) while facing any situation that may arise. It is the Art of Gentleness. Thus the art of yielding. Which is something that most people have a problem doing. This is the internal struggle but through alignment of not only your body and spirit but, so to, of your mind, you can learn when, how and why to yield. I Joined for the martial art, but I've learned so much more. Through the assigned readings, I've learned about a culture and a new language which has only served to help me secure my mental center through a honing of my "Do" or "way"...i.e. philosophy. Hanshi Torey sums it up best in one word, "Benevolence". Kindness, Humility & Charity all rolled into one! In a harmonious & intelligently designed universe these things reign King among Kings. All of the instructors at TNT work from this place of humility which makes it easier for a white belt just starting out. Many thanks to Hanshi Torey and the wonderful staff for making this dojo feel like, my dojo.

 - Fred Guevara

I have been training at TNT Ju-Jitsu for several years now. I have had most of my family come to train. The knowledge you get from here is superb to what you would get anywhere else. The place is super clean, always a friendly staff waiting for you when you arrive. I highly recommend TNT Jujitsu!

 - Aldo G.

This is a great place for children and adults to learn jujitsu and self defense techniques. Our whole family has taken classes and seminars here. The dojo has become our home away from home.

- Shannon W.

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