Teen Jujitsu Program

  By offering tools that improve health and generate positive behaviors, TnT Ju-jitsu eases the transition of teenage life. The technical skills taught are rooted in traditional jujitsu, blending effective self defense with more pliable techniques creating valuable lifelong skills.


The respectful class etiquette promotes a class setting where respect, kindness and acceptance merge into a supportive peer culture with the following of our 1-7-12 philosophy.

  In this class, we teach Japanese Ju-jitsu to our teenagers, which includes how to grapple, kick, strike, and use throws to control a much larger person.

   We want to teach our younger students to become a complete martial artist, and understand the responsibility of learning the martial arts and know 1-7-12, our dojo's philosophy.  Here at TnT Ju-jitsu, we care about the overall growth of the student which includes grades, conduct, and respect for others and themselves. If this sounds like what you want for your child, bring him\her to the dojo to get started!

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