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Sensei  Torey Overstreet - KUDAN (9th Degree)

GM Torey Overstreet

Head Instructor

Hanshi Torey Overstreet, a retired law enforcement officer of over 30 years, has trained different law enforcement agencies in traditional jujitsu.

Hanshi started training at an early age. He has trained with some of the best Grandmasters, Masters, and Sensei's around: such as Grandmaster Nagato Tamura, Grandmaster Silberio Guerra, Grandmaster Jose Velez Sr., Professor Danny Paulo, Professor Frank Edwards Jr., Master Stone, Master Lee, and other great Masters and Sensei's that were not named, but are greatly thanked and appreciated.


Hanshi has spent most of his years training in different ryuha's of Ju-Jitsu, Tai-jitsu and as well as Judo. He has training in arnis, rank in Karate and training in different kinds of weapons.

Sensei John Reece - SANDAN

sensei John.jpg

Adult Class Instructor

Bio coming soon

Sensei Aldo Garcia - SANDAN (3rd Degree)

Sensei Aldo Garcia

Adult / Teen Class Instructor


Sensei Aldo began his journey in Japanese Jujitsu in May of 2007 and has been an active student since day one. In December of 2016, Sensei Aldo received the rank of Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) under Grand Master Torey Overstreet. He also earned his teacher belt in June of 2017. He is currently an Instructor at TNT Jujitsu and aids with the instruction of the youth, teen and adult classes. Along with his ranking in Jujitsu, Sensei Aldo has also received his Level 1 certification in the Kovar instructional system. Training by his side, his wife Mrs. Elsa currently holds the rank of purple belt.


Outside of the dojo, Sensei Aldo enjoys photography and riding his motorcycle. He is the TNT Jujitsu photographer. If anyone is interested in pictures, please contact TNT Jujitsu for more information.

Sensei Phillip MacArthur - NIDAN (2nd Degree)

Sensei Phillip MacArthur

Lil Dragons / Youth / Teen Class Instructor


Beginning martial arts in 2008, Sensei Phillip trained at TNT Jujitsu through the University of Saint Thomas Martial Arts Club program. Since then, he has graduated with a degree in English, and earned his Black Belt in 2016 under Hanshi Torey Overstreet.


Sensei Phillip now heads the Lil Dragons program at TNT, and assists with instruction of the youth and teen classes. He also teaches jujitsu at Our Lady of Walsingham Church's Holy House Program.


When he’s not training or teaching at the dojo, Sensei Phillip enjoys writing fiction, drawing art, and watching classic movies.

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