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Our Philosophy

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7- Tenets of Bushido (The Way of the Warrior)
  1. Rei Respect
  2. Chugi Loyalty
  3. Gi Justice
  4. Jin Humanity
  5. Makoto Honesty
  6. Meiyo Honor
  7. Yuki Courage
12- The Keys to Ju-Jitsu
1- Dojo Creed

We teach more than kicking, punching, joint locks and throwing. We teach life skills through respect in the body, strength in the mind, and spirit in the heart. We are today’s Bushido warriors.
  1. Self-defense starts with attitude
  2. Be compassionate and honorable
  3. Be in control of your environment
  4. Know yourself, your techniques, and your situation
  5. Follow the teachings of your instructor
  6. Read books and gather information; further your knowledge about your martial art
  7. Be respectful in and outside of the dojo
  8. Learn to work with others, as you learn to work within yourself
  9. Be of good courage, understanding that you will prevail
  10. Be focused and you will not waver in your techniques
  11. Be disciplined; be true to your techniques and they will not leave you
  12. Be of good heart and you will make right choices in techniques you use

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