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Welcome to TNT JuJitsu in Houston, TX.


  We are Houston's premier dojo for Traditional Ju-Jitsu. Jujitsu is a self defense martial art system which enables the practitioner to defend oneself either standing or on the ground. We incorporate various strikes to specific parts of the body, along with joint locks, chokes, throwing and immobilization techniques. Ju-Jitsu also teaches a wide range of weapon techniques.


  We teach more than just kicking, punching, joint locks, and throwing. We teach life skills through respect in the body, strength in the mind, and spirit in the heart. That’s what makes us today's Bushido warriors.


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Through the Art of Jujitsu we offer:

Self - Defense

    This program is here to help the young martial artist gain Life and Safety Skills, as well as gain a basic foundation of Martial Art skills. This will ensure their growth into a better young person, as well as help build discipline and focus in school. For ages 4 to 7. For more information, please call the dojo.

Kids Programs

    In this class, we teach kids Japanese Jujitsu basic Self-Defense techniques, which includes how to grapple, kick, strike, and use throws to control a much larger person. We want to teach our younger students to become a complete martial artistist, and understand the responsibility of learning the martial arts and know 1-7-12 our dojo's philosophy .  Here at TNT Ju-jitsu, we care about the overall growth of the student which includes grades, conduct, and respect for others and themselves. If this sounds like what you want for your child, please call the dojo to set up an appointment.



    In this class, the teens will get the opportunity to discover what Jujitsu can do for them in a society that is full of negative temptations. The students will learn focus, discipline, and persistence in order to achieve their goals not only in martial arts, but in their everyday lives. They will also focus on self defense aspects. If this is what you would like for your teen, please call the dojo to set up an appointment.

PrivATE cLasses


    In this ryuha of Jujitsu, you will learn how to defend yourself in various ways. The practitioner of Traditional Jujitsu learns to use many quick strikes to vulnerable body points, how to overbalance an attacker, and continue with strikes, kicks, pulls, pushes, twists, and locks, so the attacker feels less motivated to continue the assault.Those who engage in the Traditional Jujitsu program also learn fitness, discipline, self-esteem, and learn to be the best that they can be. Please contact the dojo to set up an appointment or for more information.