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Birthday Parties

Great birthday parties



This is a day where you can bring your child and their friends to have a fun-filled party in an environment which is safe and controlled.

We put together the whole party so that you can also have a good time along with the your child!

We understand how challenging and overwhelming it can be to host a party by yourself, especially if you do not have sufficient space in your home to cater for twenty or more kids. From worrying about mess to figuring out what to do for entertainment, sometimes birthday parties can be more stress than fun.

Don’t sweat it! Let us worry about all that. We want you to enjoy your child’s birthday as much as they enjoy it!

During the party, the kids will enjoy fun games of skill, challenge, and adventure, along with pizza and drinks, followed by a specialized jujitsu class that is exciting, entertaining, and fun.

What’s the investment? A lot less than you might imagine and certainly a lot less than other birthday party services in the area. TNT Jujitsu Birthday parties include:

• Custom birthday invitations
• Decorations
• A 1 ½ hour party with our dynamic instructors
• Lots of pizza
• Drinks
• Fun interactive games
• Special free prizes for all the attendants
• All the place settings

The only thing you need to bring is the cake and presents.

We have party packages that start as low as $249. Contact Us for more details!

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