Adult Jujitsu Program

  In this ryuha of Jujitsu, you will learn how to defend yourself in various ways. The practitioner of Traditional Jujitsu learns to use many quick strikes to vulnerable body points, how to overbalance an attacker, and continue with strikes, kicks, pulls, pushes, twists, and locks, so the attacker feels less motivated to continue the assault.

    The ultimate goal of Jujitsu is not to inflict harm; rather, it is to control a situation so that it never becomes violent. Size or age doesn't matter. In the Traditional Jujitsu program, you can learn to put your mind in a state of relaxed preparedness where you are not troubled by personal, emotional, or physical limitations. A powerful mind is far more important than the strength of a person’s arm or the speed of their strike. As an old Japanese saying goes, “it is the mind, not the sword, which cuts.”

Training in martial arts will make you set goals and go after them. Plus, you will have a whole team of instructors help you achieve them.

  Besides being a very powerful form of self defense, The exercise you get from our traditional jujitsu adult program benefits the entire body and how you feel about yourself. You will have fun in a community of friendly instructors and students.

  Many adults have wanted to take martial arts classes, but never had the motivation to get started.


  Whatever your reason for inquiring about our classes, we’re really glad that YOU ARE HERE!

  Through regular training, the mental benefits of traditional jujitsu quickly become apparent as you will notice improved focus and concentration.

  You will experience greater stress relief and improved confidence. Your overall sense of well-being will improve as well. Martial arts for adults are about much more than punching, kicking, joint locks and throwing it is a holistic approach to physical fitness and improved mental health.


1. In the Business World - the indomitable spirit of the committed martial artist pays huge dividends. Strengthen your focus and perseverance for a huge competitive advantage.


2. As a Parent - modeling respect, self-discipline and thoughtful understanding will help your children develop these attributes.

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