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For Men and Women Ages 18+

    In this ryuha of Jujitsu, women and men will learn how to defend themselves in various ways. The women and men of Traditional Jujitsu will learn how to use many quick strikes to vulnerable body points,(Atema) how to off balance an attacker, and continue with kicks, throws, and joint locks, so the attacker feels less motivated to continue the assault.

    The ultimate goal of Jujitsu is to control a situation and stay safe. Size or age nor strength doesn't matter. In this Jujitsu program, you can learn to put your mind in a state of relaxed preparedness where you are not troubled by personal, emotional, or physical limitations. A powerful mind is far more important than the strength of a person’s arm or the speed of their strike. As an old Japanese saying goes, “it is the mind, not the sword, which cuts.”


    Those who engage in this Traditional Jujitsu program also learn fitness, discipline, self-esteem, and learn to be the best that they can be. Please contact the dojo to set up an appointment or for more information.

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