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TnT Jujitsu is a school of self defense located in Northwest Houston, TX. We offer classes to four different age groups: Lil Dragons, Youth, Teens, and Adults.

​TnT Jujitsu specializes in traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu, headed by Grand Master Torey Overstreet. Along with GM Overstreet, we have dedicated Black Belts here to teach and set up community events. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

What is Japanese Jujitsu?

Adult Traditional Jujitsu

In this ryuha of Jujitsu, you will learn how to defend yourself in various situations . The practitioner of Traditional Jujitsu learns to use many quick strikes to vulnerable body points, how to off-balance an attacker, and continue with strikes, kicks, throws , chokes, and locks, so the attacker feels less motivated to continue the assault. The ultimate goal of Jujitsu is to control a situation so that the practitioner stays safe. Size or age doesn't matter. In the Traditional Jujitsu program, you can learn to put your mind in a state of relaxed preparedness where you are not troubled by personal, emotional, or physical limitations. So learning our Philosophy of 1-7-12 is important to your growth in jujitsu


Ladies, it’s time to empower yourselves and take control of life’s uncomfortable situations by learning to defend yourselves. Women often reject the need for physical self-defense, given their inherent ability to dodge violence through flexibility and their reliance on protection by others. However, today, as much as throughout human history, women have suffered physical violence at the hands of their male counterparts. Therefore, self-defense remains a highly relevant issue for women. Women can learn techniques which will enable them to disable a bigger, heavier, and stronger attacker with a throw, a well-placed kick, or a strike. If the situation requires something more, a lock or throw for instance, then jujitsu has an arsenal of techniques to call upon. “Ju-jitsu, if followed in all its details, Jujitsu will make a woman stronger. Jujitsu is a gentle art; it requires dedication, but learning this martial art will set you apart and put you into a very elite group of intelligent, strong-willed, and successful women.


Jujitsu Fitness

This portion of class is designed to help keep the martial arts student in shape. It is meant as a part of the Adult Program. In this class, the student’s endurance will be pushed to the limit and made stronger. It features extensive cardio workout and core muscle building. This is excellent for anyone wanting to stay in shape.


We strive in helping out the community, being either locally or city wide. We have our annual St. Judes Kick a Thon, where our students take donations for each kick that they do. We also hold our annual Houston Bank Food Drive every November to make sure there is plenty of food to be thankful for.


Along with these great events we have a bi-annual Ladies Self Defense Seminar, once in the spring and another in the fall.

Please check our Events page to see up to date listings.

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              LIFE SKILLS


We teach more than kicking, punching, joint locks, and throws. We teach life skills through respect in the body, strength in the mind and spirit in the heart. We are today's Bushido warriors!


We follow the 1-7-12 philosophy, developed by Hanshi Torey Overstreet

Come on in to find out more about our Life Skills!